Emergency Incident Response

data guardian pros incident responseDespite the best people, process, and technology, sometimes the hacker still manages to breach your network.   This is akin to a cavity. You might have two cleanings per year, but you can still wind up with a cavity.

Even the best information security infrastructure cannot guarantee that intrusions or other malicious acts will not happen. When computer security incidents occur, it is critical to have an effective way to respond.

If you believe you are experiencing network or system activity that potentially threatens the security of your computer systems, it is time to call in our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

The speed with which you can recognize, analyze, and respond to an incident will limit the damage and lower the cost of recovery. It will be critical to quickly answer questions such as:

  • Did a breach or theft actually occur?
  • Is the exfiltration point now secured?
  • What was actually taken?
  • Do we have a legal obligation to disclose this?

Data Guardian Pros has experts on call familiar with incident response and forensics. Our team can guide you through the challenging recovery and root cause analysis, ensuring no loss of confidence or reputation from your clients or suppliers.