Data Guardian Pros, Inc. (DGP) provides the first comprehensive information security and regulatory compliance solution created for dentists by dental professionals and information security experts. Unique to the dental industry, DGP is comprised of seasoned information security veterans and national dental thought leaders. With years of experience addressing the complex information security and compliance issues of large public and private organizations, DGP provides a pragmatic approach designed to fully address the regulatory requirements as well as protect your patients’ private information, your brand and your business.

The DGP solution is not merely a nice to have. In the event of a plaintiff’s lawsuit, or equally onerous an audit by regulatory authorities, every dental practice must demonstrate that they are in compliance with the regulations – this is the law! With decades of regulatory and security experience on staff, DGP provides a pragmatic approach designed to demonstrate compliance, protect patients’ private information, your brand and your business. Our solution includes:

  • Risk assessment and Gap analysis that identifies your current state and identifies prescriptive steps to correct. A complete HIPAA-HITECH policy with appropriate documentation will be provided and dynamically updated as your risk changes.
  • 24/7 monitoring that transparently collects and analyzes network traffic looking for hostile activity both internally and externally. Periodic external vulnerability scanning as well as internal scanning will be performed. Remediation steps will immediately be provided to address any findings. Monthly reports and logs are reviewed with the dental provider and made available through the DGP customer portal.
  • Web-based Security and Awareness Training tailored to the dental industry is provided to you and your staff. They will be graded and their participation will be logged – a standard of good practice and required by the law.
  • Business Associates Agreement (BAA) will be provided as all dental providers are required to have a BAA in place with providers and vendors that touch patient information.
  • Annual Site Certification and Seal for the practice’s. Similar to the concern around sterilization techniques used by dentists, today patients are concerned how their dentist is protecting their private information.