Comprehensive Risk, Compliance and Security Monitoring Solution

Data Guardian Pros provides a total Risk, Compliance and Security monitoring solution.

This is not about buying a HIPAA manual, putting it on your shelf and magically becoming HIPAA compliant. This is not about installing a firewall and expecting that you now have an impenetrable fortress around your practice. This is not about encrypting your backups and thinking that you are all set!


The Data Guardian Pros’ solution is designed to meet your compliance requirements

Beyond the regulation, Data Guardian Pros’ mission is to not only provide a program that meets the regulations but helps the practitioner by providing superior services focused on information security and compliance. Our mission is to protect your patients, your brand and your business. To be compliant with the law, the following components or subsections must be performed on an annual basis.

Our Solutions

Risk Assessment / Gap Analysis

The Online Security Program ‘Gap Analysis’ is designed to assist your dental practice in obtaining full compliance with the appropriate regulations, guidelines and/or best practice standards. Learn more…

24/7 Security Monitoring

You best chance of detecting attack or breach is to be actively monitoring for it. Learn more…

Security Awareness & Training

Dental practices can attend courses that target specific roles within your business or specific compliance needs. Learn more…