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Highly confidential psychotherapy records from Maine center listed on the dark web In what may be the worst breach of 2017 so far in terms of highly sensitive and confidential patient records, a behavioral and mental health center in Maine recently learned that its...

Data Guardian Pros wants dental practices to take note

IMPORTANT REPORTS THAT APPLY TO DENTAL PRACTICES Experian – 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast Report http://www.experian.com/assets/data-breach/white-papers/2017-experian-data-breach-industry-forecast.pdf HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE THE MOST TARGETED SECTOR WITH...

The Greater New York Dental Meeting 2016 by the Numbers

I just got back from a few hours on the show floor at GNY dental meeting and wanted to share a few numbers with you: 50,000             700                  50                    3                      0 Impressive I know! There were  >50,000 registered attendees,...

Talking HIPAA/HITECH at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Sunday night in NYC and I’m networking at a happy hour event after the GNY Dental Meeting.  As I awkwardly introduce myself into a community of what seems like lifelong best friends, everyone starts out the conversation with a, ‘So what does Data Guardian Pros do?’...

10 Key Considerations for HIPAA Compliance and Security Service Offerings

All of dentistry, regardless of size or practice model, struggles with the challenges of HIPAA and HITECH. And if you don’t struggle, there is likely even more to be concerned about. How do you know you are on the road to compliance? Are you really as secure as you...

2016 HIPAA Enforcement

The nation's HIPAA enforcement agency has been dramatically ramping up its issuance of breach-related financial penalties this year, in addition to its recent kick-off of a new round of HIPAA compliance audits. In its ninth enforcement action of 2016, the Department...

Simple Steps to Protect your Practice from attacks

CDA recently put out a wonderful guide  on what to look for and how to protect your practice from attackers. it outline 4 basic threats , how the attack works, what to look for and what to do when it occurs. The 4 threats covered Business email...

OCR’s on HIPAA Audit Preparation

According to a recent article in info Risk today Organizations chosen for remote "desk audits" of their HIPAA compliance, which will begin this summer, need to be prepared to quickly provide supporting documentation, says Deven McGraw, deputy director of health...

Are you at Risk?

Cyber-warriors also target small and mid-size businesses because they tend to have weaker defenses than critical government or military organizations. Business systems now connect with partners of all sizes, so a mid-size or small business network may provide the...

Keeping up with the demands of dentistry are harder than ever, it can be even more challenging for dental service organizations. Get it right – you feel like your winning – fall short and you stay up at night worrying about all the ‘what if’s”.

HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security vulnerabilities can loom in your head. Do these or other questions keep you up at night?

Do you feel unprotected from hackers, breaches, and internal threats?
  • Are you routinely monitoring computer logs and activity?
  • Are you aware of the cost of Federal/State regulatory fines for a data breach?
  • Are you concerned about reputational damages if a data breach occurred?
  • Do you have security breach plan in place?
  • Do feel confident that you will be able to demonstrate for an auditor compliance with HIPAA and state regulations?
  • Do you have a recurring security awareness and training program for your employees?

Data Guardian Pros has the answers to all of your late night fears. Our goal and passion is to be your trusted partner for data breach and identity protection services, no matter what you size or type of business model.

Similar to larger medical providers, dental service organizations are a target rich environment for hackers of all types. You will increasingly face HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security risks unique to your business. DGP understands the complex web of laws, regulations and security protection required to keep your business, your brand and your patient’s personal health information as safe as possible, by providing services that can reduce risk to your organization and your patients in this increasingly threatening regulatory and cyber environment.

Our product, Dental Guardian Enterprise is especially designed for the security, privacy and compliance needs of the dental service organization or group practice environment. Dental Guardian Enterprise provides big data organized in a way to be truly useful in managing and overseeing your entire organizational structure. It provides a central real-time repository of information that can be aggregated and viewed from a high level perspective or easily reformatted to view regional information or used to drill into office specific information.